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Privatre to Akatsuki *dances*

I'm not feeling very good right now. Zetsu-san got mad at me. And now I have a torn jacket, sweater, t-shirt and shoulder as a result. I never made to make him so mad at me... but I think I did, but he made me feel better by getting the poison out.

I really hope he'll say goodbye before leaving again...

Hidan-saaan~ are you ready to go yet?
Zetsu-san is back! Zetsu-san is back!

I will say I am more than pleased to know this. =DDDDD!!!

And... uhm *waves* Hi Sakura-chan! ^__^

That is all. =D Ohoh! Waaait!!

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Heehee. There.
I saw this on one of the journals :D And Tobi wanted to try too!
Clueless Uke
Clueless Uke
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Oh. *blink* Interesting. Sakura-san? What's a 'uke'? My Japanese isn't very good.


POST TWO! T- For TOBI! :D ... I mean .D

It's been a while. I've met a few people.

But Temari, Hidan and Sakura are most important at the moment;

I met the Queen on a scouting and delivery mission and she let me have tea with her and a bed to sleep on(That made me happy.) but I think I offended her by bringing up her lineage. After returning, I was informed of a mission I was to complete. (I'm still excited about it!)

After my colleague dipped into a tavern(it was a stressful day and teh company was even more stressful, he told me. I suppose a crowded street can trigger claustraphobia in anyone, huh?) I met Sakura. She had strange hair, but I like her. She was kind enough to instruct me on how to address a lady(thank goodness I havent done anything 'wrong' yet.) and also how to play a hand game. 'One, two, three, four; I declare a thumb war!'

It was pretty fun! But She kept on cheating. .( And ended up running off. I think I hurt her!

Private to Akatsuki(including Temari-san) and SakuraCollapse )
I have just woken up recently, and I'm a bit late- huh? 

Zetsu-san told me it was pretty cold outside, but I havent really noticed. It's been a bit easier to deal with the crazy heatwave(it's been goiong on for years now). 

Oh! I have to go! 

Write me a nice letter everyone! :) (Look! I found a nice way of doing a smile!)